Studio Micro-Climat offers also :

In the audiovisual field :

  • - voicing over, dubbing, sound effects an design
  • - mix, postproduction
  • - composition of music for the picture
  • - TV shows recording

For the bands in need of a quick and cheap pro-demo :

  • - Live rehearsals recordings

For all of those who are dreaming of a studio experience and think (wrongly) that it’s not for them :

  • Solo

    EVJF2013If you’re a Karaoke fan, if you regularly sing in your shower or even in your car, if you dream of Opera or to be the crooner of the day, if you’re asking yourself how to declare your true love to someone or to treat your best friend to an imperishable bachelore(tte) party and whatever is your level or experience… the SOLO pass is here for you!

    Alone or with your gang, come and record your favourite song(s) with a singer who might surprise you: Yourself!

    You’ll benefit from our equipments, advices and professional supervision as well as the orchestration, recording (band aids are furnished;), mix and mastering.
    You’ll leave with your audio CD or USB key (optionnal video of the session included) after a studio experience as much affordable as unforgettable.  (see rates).

Audio restoration and transfer on CD or all other formats :

  • - From all your cassettes, files or audioarchives